Milwaukee Area Paranormal Investigations
"Follow me into the shadows..."
There are many sites on the WWW dedicated to the paranormal that list many of the commonly known hot spots in the state of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, most of these lists are identical and offer little if any variation. While we will include some of the same locations that we feel are legitimate, we will do our best to scour the city and list some of Milwaukee and its surrounding areas not as well known locals. If you know of a place not listed here or elsewhere on the web, let us know and we will research it. M.A.P.I. does its best to provide factual accounts. If you see an error regarding a location, let us know.
North Point Lighthouse
The North Point Lighthouse is located in one of Milwaukee’s oldest public parks, Lake Park on the eastside. The original North Point Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters were built of cream city brick and officially opened November 22, 1855. The complete history of the lighthouse can be read here. Reports of activity include hearing and seeing children, hearing laughter (and not the nice friendly type), cold spots, and an overall feeling of not being welcomed. Located near the south end of the park. Please pay heed to park hours.
Located inside the Milwaukee Research Park in Wauwatosa, this building was originally the Muirdale Sanatorium. This former tuberculosis sanatorium was built in 1928 and ceased operating in 1975 where it remained vacant for many years. Local delinquents often snuck inside to perform "satanic" rituals and animal sacrifices, rendering the insides utterly uninhabitable. The building has now been cleaned up and is being used for incubator businesses in the Milwaukee area. Located in the front lawn are raised mounds of earth. These are Indian burial mounds.
The Brumder Mansion
Designed in 1902 and built in 1910 by George Brumder, a wealthy businessman who made his fortune in publishing and banking, the mansion has been a boarding house, a parsonage, and activity center for the Lutheran Church. It is currently a bed and breakfast located at 3046 W. Wisconsin Ave. Its most "famous" room is the Gold Room. The GR once was the room of an Aunt  to the Brumders (nicknamed Aunt Pussy), whom disliked dogs very much. Reported activity includes cold spots, feelings of not being alone, loud noises coming from unknown sources, objects being moved, two known sightings of a woman, phantom voices, and a myriad of other activity.
Italian Community Center
The Italian Community Center is built on land that once held an old Irish settlement that had been destroyed in 1892 by "The Great Third Ward Fire" which utterly devastated sixteen square blocks of Milwaukee's Third Ward. The land was purchased from the county in 1986, and the current structure was built shortly after. Past employees (including several members of the restaurant & banquet management) have heard voices echoing down the halls, the sound of doors banging loudly, dishes shattering, and (I can personally attest to this one as I worked there for several years) phantom children have been seen running up and down the hall laughing and playing. Other activity has been observed in a storeroom located on the second floor, accessible only from a storage closet.
Howard Johnson Inn on Layton by the airport
The Howard Johnson Inn and an apartment complex close by sit on the property that once housed farmland and a house. According to a farmhand that once worked there, the farmer who owned the land took a pitchfork, stabbed and killed his wife, then dragged her body back to the house, and set fire to it to conceal the murder. Along with himself, (and of course his wife) a child also perished in the flames. You can read the story submitted by one of the residents here about her experiences at the inn and her home. Others who have lived at the complex have witnessed seeing a burnt man standing on the grounds, and have seen a couple walking in the parking lot. On several occasions, the complex's security personnel have tried to say "hello" to the couple, but they vanish into thin air. M.A.P.I. is currently researching this story to see if we can find any additional information to validate these experiences further.
Lion Bridges in Lake Park, Milwaukee
A very short distance from the North Point Lighthouse stands two bridges known as the lion bridges that span the two lighthouse ravines. At the end of each bridge sits two lions, sculpted out of sandstone by Paul Kupper,. These lions were donated by Henry Clay Payne, then manager of the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company. In 1964, the bridges were narrowed and closed to vehicles. Reported activity include hearing and seeing children, hearing laughter, and an overall feeling of not being welcomed. Several witnesses have seen children standing by the lions, behaving almost as sentinels or guards. Activity at the lighthouse is closely associated with these bridges and the surrounding portions of Lake Park.
Grant Park (Seven Bridges) in South Milwaukee
Grant Park, located along the shores of Lake Michigan, contains 381 acres and is the second largest park in the County’s park system. In the early 1900s, Frederick C. Wulff, the first Superintendent of Horticulture for the park system, developed paths which served as the foundation of the Seven Bridges Trail. As you enter the park, you cross under a covered bridge that bears the inscription, "Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature." Several people through out the parks's existence have committed suicide by jumping or hanging themselves from the main entrance bridge and by other means. When standing on the main bridge looking down into the ravine, often times it looks  as  though  the air is filled  with sparkles and shimmers,
Paranormal Places In Milwaukee
and has  a  very  strong  "feel".  Many  people have
reported seeing colorful glowing lights dancing amongst the trees, and have heard voices and footsteps when there was (seemingly) no one around. At night, you can sometimes hear a strange (and not pleasant) scream/screech coming from something deep in the woods. There have been also been reported sightings of odd human-sized creatures that bear a striking resemblance to a praying mantis. Please heed park hours. You will be ticketed. I know from experience.   
The Rave
Built in 1926, The Rave (Eagle's Ballroom/Club) was originally an athletic club/ social gathering spot that was outfitted with a restaurant, bowling alley, swimming pool and boxing ring. The pool now abandoned and drained, lies behind locked doors in the basement. There was at least one confirmed drowning victim that may still haunt the pool area. On Saturday, September 10th, 1927, a 17 year old male died while swimming. It was unclear at the time whether he accidentally drowned or suffered a heart attack. His body was discovered soon after by another swimmer. We are still trying to confirm any other deaths, especially that of  children, that may have occurred in the building.  A past employee who occasionally worked the coat check in the basement  reported  hearing  a  girls  voice  coming  from  the far
The Hide House
Now housing affordable studio spaces for artists and musicians of all types along with rental space for growing businesses, this complex of buildings originally had been the Greenbaum Tanning Company until it closed in the late 1940s. For the past 50 plus years, the structures have been in a steady rate of decay, that is until it was purchased in 2001 by Alton Enterprises. While much renovation has been done, there are many parts of the 200,000 square foot, 6 structure facility located in Bay View that are still utterly inhabitable. Before becoming The Hide House, the complex was known as the Kaiser Building (owned by Kaiser Properties) to local musicians who rehearsed on the first and second floors. One of our members used to rehearse in the building (along with several other friends
in area bands at the time) so she and myself are quite familiar with the dark, inner regions of this building. Most of the building had been sealed off from the rehearsal spaces, but delinquents will be delinquents, and one night someone pried open a door that led to the rest of the building. Being overly curious, several of us present in the building that night got some flashlights and decided to do a little exploring. First off, we are very lucky no one got hurt. There were vast areas where the floors and stair were utterly rotted away. Deep in the belly we found mazes of stairwells, halls, and rooms (many that only opened from the hall with no doorknob on the other side and huge heavy metal springs waiting to slam shut and lock someone inside!!!) Through out our entire adventure, we kept hearing footsteps coming from empty rooms, and seeing shadows move across the floors. There was even one room that looked like it had been a medical lab complete with a drain-table and blood soaked straw on the floor. Our experience was NOT pleasant in the least. I don't know how many subfloors we found, but at the lowest level below ground, we found an old freight elevator that only went down. M.A.P.I. is going to try to obtain permission to go back someday and take another look around.

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St. Joan of Arc Chapel
Located on Marquette University's campus, the St. Joan of Arc Chapel is a place that I am quite surprised isn't listed on more sites. While it may not be haunted in the normal sense, it is known for something that certainly falls into the realm of the paranormal. Originally constructed in France, the chapel was moved brick by brick to New York in 1927, and then later to it's current resting spot here in Milwaukee in 1964. What makes this chapel so unique from all others dedicated to St. Joan is a historic relic that is part of it's foundation... the St. Joan of Arc Stone. Stories tell of how Joan of Arc prayed before a statue of Our Lady standing on this stone and at the end of her petition kissed the stone, which ever since has been colder than the stones surrounding it.
Oakwood Road (Oak Creek)
I am sure almost everyone reading this has heard the local urban legends surround Fitzsimmons Road. While I do not doubt that Fitzsimmons had been used as a drag strip and injuries (possibly even deaths) may have occurred, I have not been able to find any evidence as of yet that would lead me to believe all of those stories are accurate. I will agree that Fitzsimmons Road has a certain unmistakable "feel" about it, but this is not the only road in the area with a history. On Tuesday, July 27th, 1976 two teenagers were killed and two others were critically injured when their car crashed through a barricade at the dead end of E. Oakwood Road, struck a clump of young trees, and fell over 200 feet to the beach below. The trees had acted as a ramp and catapulted the car up and over a second lower ridge. The crash was discovered at 2:15 a.m. when officers were on routine patrol and noticed the broken barricade and observed scrape marks and bark missing on the  trunks of  some of the trees, which  had sprung  back  after  the car went  over them. The vehicle was not
visible from the top of the bluff and the officers did not actually discover the accident until they descended to the lower ridge and observed one of the injured occupants. All of the people in the convertible had been thrown from the vehicle and were strewn on the face of the cliff.  Out of respect for the victims and their families, I will not post the names of the individuals involved. The two that were critically injured did recover, though one remains in a wheelchair to this day. 

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catacomb-like halls. When he went to look, he found no one, and a cold breeze brushed against his face. Other activity includes a strong smell of bleach or chlorine coming from the basement, seeing "shadow people", objects being thrown from the roof when no one is there and no wind (or birds or squirrels) are present to cause it, and extreme cold spots. Most activity is observed when the building is closed and almost empty.